Merits & Demerits of the Internet (Case Study: Child Pornography) – Sangeetha Dorairaj

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An introductory evaluation of the internet, which leads to a discussion of the documentary “The Wonderland Club”, about child pornography online.

Learning Outcomes

  • Activating whatever prior knowledge students have about the web
  • To enable students to see both sides of the Internet – that it is not a miracle tool without its flaws
  • To broaden students’ knowledge of how the Internet has resulted in the proliferation of pornography, and enable them to make the link between media tools/platforms and social problems
  • To enable students to synthesize and reflect on information presented in the video
  • To enable students to construct and articulate logical arguments related to the detriments of the Internet

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Pre-Activity – 5 min: Word splash

  • Write ‘Internet’ on the board and get kids to say what comes to mind
  • Ask students to justify answers so that they can be aware of the relationship between the Internet and their responses

10 min: Group Work discussion

  • Ask students  to discuss in groups, how the Internet has benefitted them, and how it has been of a disadvantage
  • Get one student to note down the group’s responses

5 min: Class discussion

  • Get each group to present their responses
  • Teacher to note down advantages and disadvantages provided by students on board (one of the groups should be able to highlight the proliferation of pornography as a disadvantage, which can then be elaborated on in the next section of the lesson)

10 min: Review

  • As a class, review responses
  • Ask students why they have listed these particular advantages and disadvantages
  • If none of the groups have listed pornography, then the teacher should list this as another disadvantage
  • Teacher to distribute worksheets and introduce the video, providing a brief synopsis

25 min: Class watches documentary “The Wonderland Club”

15 min: Worksheet

In groups, get the students to fill in a worksheet with the following questions based on the video.

  1. The documentary presents the Internet as having a major role to play in the proliferation of child pornography. What do you think are some of the characteristics of the Internet that have enabled it to play such a role?
  2. Should the Internet be controlled in order to stem the proliferation of child pornography?
  3. In your opinion, what issues might crop up in the attempt to control the flow of child pornography over the Internet?

15 min: Class discussion

  • Ask each group to present their views/responses
  • Ask the students to justify responses and link to how the Internet can have a debilitating effect on society

Contributor: Sangeetha Dorairaj is a former teacher – she taught for 6.5 years – who’s currently residing in Brisbane. She has an opinion on everything (and it’s sometimes gotten her into trouble!), and enjoys thinking about things, in particular issues that affect her home, Singapore. It is her sincere hope that students use the Internet to become more aware of social issues, instead of only posting selfies online. (a girl can dream, right?)